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Prewar Bakelite Radios

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Airline 62-455

  I love the bulbous look of this radio. It was a part of the "big score", and is probably the best radio in that group. I'll be writing more about that later!
Belmont 6D-111, 1939/1946
  This radio had a hole drilled in the front, as well as a chunk missing out of the back/bottom. The radio was repaired and repainted, and now looks wonderful! These are expensive radios, so I was happy to get a $20 junker and turn it into this. Read about the restoration.
Emerson BF-207
  This is an interesting trapezoidal shape radio which has a three-part case. The front and back pieces slide into a middle section. There were various styles of this radio - some with 2 knobs, some with white plaskon and brown/black bakelite cases, etc. It's a very nice looking radio.
Philco PT-47, 1939

  This Philco came to me in terrible shape. It has since been repainted and looks great. Read about the restoration.
Truetone Stratoscope

  This is a nice looking, fairly common brown bakelite radio with machine-age influences. It may actually be postwar. I like the pushbuttons. I found mine in a local antique mall for a reasonable price.
Westinghouse WR-150

  I bought this cute Westinghouse off e-Bay. It was simply described as "Deco Westinghouse Radio", with no picture or any other description given. You can imagine how happy I was when this beautiful machine-age style radio showed up at my door for only $9.99! What a great find!
Zenith 6-D-615, 1942

  I bought this Zenith at an antique mall in Appleton, WI, during my Christmas break in 2002. I had wanted one of these for awhile - I like the curvy grille, and this model, with pushbuttons, seems harder to find than the model without pushbuttons.