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Bendix 55L3, 1949

  This Bendix was purchased at a local antique mall for $18. The case is chip and crack free, and the radio works great. I love the curvy good looks of this radio. I have the brown bakelite version as well.
Emerson 581A, 1949

  This Emerson is one of the best looking plakson radios I have ever seen. The case is perfect - not a hairline crack or chip anywhere. The plaskon glows beautifully when the radio is on. The radio worked as found. At some point, someone replaced the power cord, and when they did so, they wired it so that the radio is always on when plugged in! I'll get around to fixing that at some point, but it's fine for now.
Zenith H-615Z, 1952

  I picked this Zenith up at a junk shop for $13. It needed two tubes, and now works well. It's plaskon, and glows beautifully in the dark. There is a red "jewel" which lights on the top. This radio sounds great.