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Welcome to plasticradios.com! Please take a few minutes to look around and enjoy the radios. My collection consists of many bakelite, plastic, plaskon, and wood sets. While there are many radio pages on the Internet, there are few that are devoted to the bright, colorful plastic tube radios of the 1950's and early 1960's. I hope to fill that void with this site. Clicking on "Hard Plastic" on the left will show you many colorful tube radios.

In addition to the hard plastic radios, I am also slowly adding the rest of my collection to this site. Check back frequently, as I photograph more sets and place them under the other categories.

I really enjoy restoring basket case radios. If you're interested in restorations, have a look at what I've done under the "Restorations" link.

Feel free to contact me at Thanks for visiting!